Today’s engines operate better, last longer and are more fuel-efficient than engines of 10 or 20 years ago. And in order to keep them working at their peak performance, they continue to need a regular tune up. Today’s tune up is very different than one from 20 years ago. Yes, we still check the plugs, filters and fluid levels, but these days there is a very different aspect to a tune up.

Today’s engines work better in part because of the computer controlled electronics in your engine compartment. These complex components are designed to talk directly the scopes and diagnostic equipment here at Victoria Park Automotive. Our trained technicians can interpret the readings, spotting small difficulties before they become expensive problems. Their technical expertise will ensure that your fuel efficiency is optimized, that your car is running reliably and no problems are looming Never before has a tune up been able to tell us so much about your car. Never has a tune up been more necessary to automotive peace of mind.